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Free betting Soccer, Ice Hockey, Tennis predictions and Tips for games played today

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Australia,NPL, Victoria
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ATP,,Gstaad, Switzerland(Qualification) 11:30 The game prediction Daniel Brands - Stefano Napolitano 1.72
Challenge,,Astana, Kazakhstan 09:30 The game prediction Egor Gerasimov - Mikhail Kukushkin 1.57
Challenge,,Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy(Qualific... 11:00 The game prediction Juan Pablo Paz - Marco Bortolotti 1.53
Australia,NPL, Victoria 08:00 The game prediction Heidelberg Utd. - Pascoe 1.61
Japan,J.League 2 12:00 The game prediction Fagiano O - Renofa Y 1.39

Free sports prognoses from BetFaq

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Sports betting has long been popular in European countries, where bookmaking originated in the early 19th century. Today, sports betting gradually comes to Russia, allowing people not involved in sports to make a little money on it. To date, more than one thousand people in Russia are seriously engaged in sports betting, some of them even provide paid services for forecasting and offer to buy their predictions.

Our site has gathered together a staff of professionals who do not provide an accurate pass of the bets, but suggest different nuances, not particularly noticeable for ordinary people at first sight. This gives the opportunity to play on an equal footing with the bookmakers, or even to be ahead of them. We have been on the market of sports betting for long and can state with certainty: if you play with us, your chances of ultimate success are greatly increased.

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