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Free Soccer betting predictions and Tips for games played today

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Australia,NPL, Victoria
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ATP,,Gstaad, Switzerland(Qualification) 11:30 The game prediction Daniel Brands - Stefano Napolitano 1.72
Challenge,,Astana, Kazakhstan 09:30 The game prediction Egor Gerasimov - Mikhail Kukushkin 1.57
Challenge,,Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy(Qualific... 11:00 The game prediction Juan Pablo Paz - Marco Bortolotti 1.53
Australia,NPL, Victoria 08:00 The game prediction Heidelberg Utd. - Pascoe 1.61
Japan,J.League 2 12:00 The game prediction Fagiano O - Renofa Y 1.39

Free football prognoses from BetFaq

Sport is something unpredictable, although a detailed analysis is able to bring you the laurels of Nostradamus. The ability to predict the outcome of an event today can bring you not only the title of a sports oracle, but a considerable profit. Sports betting has become not only a pastime, but a good way to make money.

Success in football betting involves a lot of hard work: information gathering, processing and preparation of a competent prognosis. We boldly take the performance of all these tasks and are ready to do all this for you, and you will get the results absolutely free! You will easily get the result of hard work of our analysts, and only you are to decide how to use it. You can trust to the opinion of our experts, who have many years of a successful activity in the field of betting, or you can just listen to them a little bit and then form your own opinion. It is in a dispute and the diversity of views the real truth can appear!

The choice of betting on our website is so broad that any player is sure to find something useful for himself. We can advise you the best, in our opinion, football prognoses through email-mailing. You just need to sign up for the service.

So, on the site betfaq.ru you can find reliable and accurate football predictions and other sports prognoses from professional analysts. The quality of our analytics is confirmed by the good results, so be sure: if you trust us, you will increase the quality of your own bets, and at the same time you will increase your profits! Good luck, friends!

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