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The payment of the order is carried out as follows:

1. After selecting the goods (services), specify your email and read the agreement and the price of the product (service) when ordering.

2. Select the payment method.

3. Then you will be redirected to a secure page of the payment system

4. After the payment, you will be returned to the site where you will be informed of the transaction result.

1. Payment with VISA and MasterCard
In accordance with the recommendati ons of Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, customer card details are protected using Transport Layer encryption — TLS 1.2 and application layer with algorithm AES and key length 256 bit.

To pay for the services, follow these simple steps:

- select a product - Select a payment method of VISA or MasterCard - Check the payment amount - Select a card type (the type of the payment means) - Enter the card details (Data on the means of payment) and press "Pay"

When the authorization is positive, the payment system carries out the transfer of funds to the shop and the activation of the order is made in a few minutes.

2. Payment through the QIWI payment system

After you click "buy", select QIWI Wallet as a payment method and enter your cell phone number. Pay the automatically generated invoice: by cash in QIWI terminals, on the website QIWI Wallet or through the apps for social networks and mobile phones and tablets. If you do not have QIWI Wallet, you can register it on the site QIWI Wallet or in any of the applications in a few minutes.

3. Payment via WebMoney

When receiving the payments from customers, the store is working with the payment system WebMoney , which enables any Internet user to conduct safe cash payments in real time.

To pay for the services, follow these simple steps: - Select the goods - Select a WebMoney payment method - Confirm the transfer of the sum for the selected product on the next page - On the page Webmoney transfer, click on "Pay" if all the data is correct. Then make the authorization by choosing the type of your "wallet". Confirm the payment by selecting the "wallet" from which the payment will be made

Your order will be activated in a few minutes

4. Payment with Yandex. Money
Our shop uses the services of the payment system Yandex.Money, which allows you to make purchases via the Internet and to make instant and secure payments through your own electronic wallet. To pay for the services, follow these simple steps:

- select the items for ordering. - Select a payment method of Yandex. Money - Run the wallet Yandex. Money. If you do not have a wallet, you can install it using the detailed instructions placed on money.yandex.ru . There you will find a detailed description of the system principles. - Click "Pay" in the wallet.

Your order will be activated in a few minutes

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