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Football predictions and tips for 17.08.2019

Game Odds
Germany - 2nd Bundesliga 13:00 Match prediction Stuttgart - St. Pauli 1.55
England - Premier League 13:30 Match prediction Arsenal - Burnley 1.28
France - Ligue 1 20:00 Match prediction SC Amiens - Lille 2.43
Germany - Bundesliga 15:30 Match prediction Leverkusen - Paderborn 1.65
England - Premier League 16:00 Match prediction Brighton - West Ham 1.52
France - Ligue 1 17:30 Match prediction Nantes - Ol. Marseille 1.62

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Free Betting Tips for Today

Why should you use our free betting tips today? There are many reasons for that, including the following:

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How to Use Sport Predictions

Everything is very simple. You can open the Free Tips section to see the list of all free betting tips available on the site. There are three sports categories that you can choose from, including football, basketball, and hockey, so you can pick a match in one of these sections. It is possible to find sport prediction by date. Once you go through our recommendations, it is also recommended to check information on other sites to compare the opinions of different experts.

Free Tips VS Premium Predictions

You can use our free betting tips today, but we also offer more than that. Our professional tipster can prepare premium predictions for you with odds reaching 2.3. This allows you to win more money and, generally, enjoy a more exciting betting experience. There are different pricing plans that you can choose from, so we really keep it flexible. It is up to you what to pick, but the higher odds mean larger winnings, so keep this in mind.

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