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The 1-Month Premium is the best subscription offered by our service. By getting it you access to ALL available Premium predictions for the following month. Assuming the price of $49 for one Premium prediction, such subscription makes it almost 3 times more beneficial and reliable as you save about $1000.

Our regular customer gets a number of benefits:
1. Email or Telegram notifications about new predictions
2. A customer obtains a personal consultant providing an assistance with making the best bets and giving advice for any event.
3. Special gift of 2 multibet predictions. Having the odds of 5+ such predictions are also reliable and allow you to raise your amount of money by 5 times. You can get a multibet prediction at any day you like - just let us know about the date.

The upcoming month is expected to gift us with many great Euro Cup matches traditionally bringing our gamblers lots of profit. We confidently claim that this month promised to be the most profitable one this fall and we’re hoping on your winnings as well! Don’t miss our offer making a 40% OFF a monthly subscription. This is a great opportunity to provide yourself with the highest quality predictions at the lowest price!

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