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The Betfaq company was founded in 2009 by the group of punters constantly making bets on sports events. During the several following years we have been polishing the methods and tools as well as studying world practices and betting strategies. Finally, we have realized that the only way to beat the bookies is to possess the same or better knowledge as they do. This is how the development of Betfaq analytical center began. We engaged the best mathematicians studying the theory of probability, experienced punters, people working for bookmakers, sports observers, analysts and programmers to create the product that people would love. Today Betfaq is the independent service of sports analytics being the home of dozens of people, daily working to provide you with the highest quality predictions among hundreds of matches.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the most detailed sports analytics. Your victory is our job!

The Betfaq project offers free predictions for four sports: football, ice hockey, basketball and tennis. In order to find out how predictions are made and what the difference between free and paid ones is, visit this page

We are the only company providing the first-class non-public analytics of sports events helping our customers gain an advantage over the house again and again. By purchasing our product you get the unique professional tool for winning. Over the years we have gained the clients from more than 30 countries and their quantity keeps growing every day!

Note! We don’t accept bets, neither we call for any actions. Please bear in mind that sports betting carries the huge financial risks.

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