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Basketball Predictions

Free Basketball Predictions Today

Even though basketball is not as popular as football, it still has an extensive market and certain strategies for betters. Basketball betting tips sites may be a significant help, if you are planning to raise real money.

Basketball Betting Predictions and Betting Strategies

Basketball is a very high-speed game, which makes it difficult to predict the outcome and place an accurate bet. At the same time, its excitement is one of the reasons why basketball has so many fans among bettors. A considerable gap in score may vanish in just 10 minutes, that is impossible in any other sport. In order to raise your chances of winning, you can use basketball prediction tips from a trustworthy service and implement several professional strategies such as:

1. Back a losing favorite. According to statistics, favorites lose rarely, and there are many cases when they balanced the score in just a few minutes. It often happens in the 2nd period after a talk with a coach. This is a working strategy that is not ignored by basketball betting prediction sites either. If you back a favorite, you bet on valued odds.

2. Fourth quarter points. This is yet another popular strategy that can help you win. You should keep in mind the one thing here: always pay attention to the bookie’s rules, as many of them consider extra time points to be a part of the 4th quarter. If you deal with tied match with no points gap, you are safe to bet at over points total.

3. Bet on low scoring leagues. In the majority of basketball tournaments players can score over 150 points in total! However, in minor leagues, including women and youth ones, the scoring capability is relatively low. Despite that fact, bookies play according to general strategy, so it might be worth betting on under total points.

Precise Basketball Predictions Today

If you are going to succeed in the field of professional betting, you definitely need a reliable betting tips service. During multiple years that we have been on the basketball predictions market, we have managed to achieve over 80% accuracy, which is one of the best figures nowadays. Our service is helpful for everyone:

  • We offer free basketball predictions in the guidelines form;
  • We offer paid sure basketball predictions published daily for Premium members at quite affordable price;
  • Our analysts are qualified professionals with many years of experience in the betting field;
  • We offer 24/7 Support service that will help you deal with any types of issues in no time.

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