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Bankroll management: a science of how to gain a return

Bankroll management: a science of gaining a return

Bankroll management is a science of finance management in betting. Usage of these principles allows a better to make proper planning of the budget, not to make financial losses and to gain an opportunity to earn money constantly.

Bankroll in betting is a sum of money the better possesses, i.e. the money the better is ready to risk rather than the money transferred to a bookmaker’s account. Therefore, they are principles of proper money management which should be considered in betting. Many novices fail to calculate the amount of the bankroll correctly and lose as a result of that. To understand how to earn in betting in the long run one should use the finance properly and bankroll management is exactly what one needs.

What bankroll management is for

Finance management in betting is the best sports betting money management system assisting the better to determine the optimal and acceptable sum of a wager. The sum can be fixed or variable depending on different factors.

Bankroll management allows to solve the following tasks:

  • To keep money intact;
  • To avoid losing the entire bankroll in case of a loss;
  • To minimize losses.

The point is that even the most experienced players can make mistakes. There is always a risk to lose even when complicated betting strategies are used. Therefore, to risk the entire bankroll seems to be the wrong strategy even if the outcome is rather predictable.

How to manage bankroll

The question of how not to lose betting is interesting for every better. There is always a risk to lose therefore, following the bankroll management principles as a part of the best sports betting strategy is a must to stay financially secure.

Here is a list of the main rules:

  • Determine the amount of the bankroll before the begging of betting. The sum should not be considerable to face serious financial problems.
  • Develop the rule of cash withdrawal. To do that specify the sum constituting a certain percentage of the bankroll. For instance, if the bankroll is equal to 50,000 Russian roubles every 10,000 roubles should be withdrawn.
  • The sum of a wager should not increase a certain percentage of the bankroll. Namely, the percentage does not exceed 10%. Professional betters frequently make their wagers which sum is from 1% to 5% of the bankroll. That sum seems rather insignificant but it becomes huge when the bankroll amount is large.

How to determine the amount of a wager

First of all, it is necessary to determine whether the bet is going to be fixed or variable. The first option is better for the beginners as it implies the same value of a wager for any event. At the same time it should not exceed 10% of the bankroll, as we mentioned before.

More experienced betters use a variable sum of a bet. If that is the case its amount can be varied depending on the selected outcome of the event. The betters frequently divide all the matches into three categories of safety: high, middle and low. The amount of a wager is determined accordingly.

Note that the one should always follow the established rules. Strict planning and high level of self-discipline are the key factors of keeping finance intact and gain a good return in betting.

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