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Live bets and how to make them correctly

Live bets and how to make them correctly

Live bets allow to make online predictions for a match outcome. The bet of that type are rather popular among experienced betters. Hence, some rules should be observed not to lose money.

What live bets are

Live bets are the bets made during a match. In that situation a bookmaker and a better monitor the development during events and try to outrun each other. A bookmaker’s task is to timely determine the course of events and to change odds depending on the situation changing. The aim of a better is to catch the best moment to make a maximally profitable bet.

Some bookmakers play tricks while accepting bets of that type and when an important event is happening during a match. For instance, during a penalty shootout they temporary block bets accepting. They return it when the situation is not too predictable any longer. That trick enables betting offices to avoid significant losses of profit.

What live betting is

Wagers of that type are rather popular among the betters. Such bets can be made through a website of any office. Live betting is being made online during a match course in the way other bets are. Simply choose an event on a betting office website and make a bet. However, live betting strategy is slightly different.

Bet on poorly started favorites

This strategy is good for matches between clear underdogs and leaders. In that situation favorite’s coefficients are not high and it is recommended not to make a bet before the beginning of a match. However, if the leader made a mistake during the match (conceded a goal, for example), a bookmaker can multiply the odds of their winning by 2 or 3. On the other hand, the mistake made would not necessarily result in the leader’s losing the match. Therefore, that moment is the most favorable for making a bet as the profit can be much higher compared to a bet made before the beginning of the match.

A bet against a draw

This strategy implies making a bet on winning of either team before the beginning of a match. It is important to pick the moment when one of the teams are in the lead to make a bet. In that situation a draw bet odds increase significantly. The bet made at that moment is a kind of insurance for a pre-match bet.

Live multiple bets

Multiple bet on the events happening at the moment is a reasonable option to gain a good return. Live soccer predictions are the most convenient types of these bets.

One of the most popular strategies of live soccer bet predictions is called 3х85. You need to wait until the 85th minute in several parallel matches and make a bet on not scoring any goal during the rest of the time. The likelihood of that wager winning is rather high as any team tries to keep the score intact during the final minutes of the match.

Advantages and disadvantages of live bets

Such wagers have their own advantages and disadvantages. The list of advantages includes:

  • Prompt result;
  • Predictability of the outcome and high likelihood of winning;
  • Wide selection of the events happening simultaneously.

The list of disadvantages includes:

  • Likelihood of a bookmaker’s technical problems;
  • Decrease in coefficients of predictable results;
  • Potential blocking of bets acceptance by a bookmaker.

Those who make bets during a match course should avoid making mistakes which can result in losing thier profit. Firstly, you should avoid making too high bet as the situation may change just instantly even at the final minutes of a match. Then, you do not have to try to win back if the situation has changed. By doing so you will need to make even a bigger bet.

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