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Popular tennis betting strategies

Popular tennis betting strategies

Tennis is popular among betting office customers as there are a great number of tournaments during a year and betters always have a chance to get a profit. Using different tennis betting strategies lets you increase chances for success. The description of the most popular schemes is provided below.

Compression strategy

That scheme is rather popular among punters as it allows to significantly increase the bankroll with only one wager. The strategy includes making a number of bets for the same event. The bets are made before the beginning of a game.

Choose an event with coefficient of 1.5 -1.8. That strategy is the most frequently used for total bets in tennis.

Each next bet is calculated using the formula:

S = (W + SN) / (K – 1), where
SN – is the sum of the previous lost bet;
К - coefficient;
W – the potentially preferred sum for the better.

The bet is increased only when the previous wager has lost.

The strategy allows to increase the bankroll significantly and return all the losses with one wager. It is important to determine the amount of the first bet not to lose all the money.

The list of disadvantage of the strategy includes a great risk of losing and potential loss of the entire bankroll along with an insignificant sum of winning compared to the risks.

Betting on a favorite strategy

That scheme is used in case the events have odds from 1.45 to 1.65. The better should choose the games with an obvious favorite and make a bet on that tennis player. That tennis betting strategy is extremely popular as in tennis favorites win as by rule and the probability of making a profit is much high. However, events with odds below 1.45 do not fit that scheme and, despite the higher win probability, this strategy does not work in the long run.

Usage of that scheme for events with odds of 1.45 and higher allows to gain a good return in the long run. To do that one needs to determine the amount of the first bet correctly as the risk of loss still exists, it is not very high though. Besides, it is important to be able to analyze predictions to determine the favorite of the event.

Exact score betting strategy

The exact score is a kind of favorite betting strategy. In that case the bet is made on the exact score of the favorite’s winning (2-0 and 2-1) rather than on the winning as is. As coefficients are higher in that case the better gains a higher return on making two wagers on 2-0 and 2-1.

We recommend to make bets in different bookmakers as in that manner one can increase the return due to difference in the offered odds.

Corridor strategy

Corridor is a set of bets to opposite outcomes of same events. Initially that scheme was used in basketball but later the betters decided to use it for volleyball and tennis and afterwards in the rest of sports.

To make a return using that scheme one should register in different betting offices. The return can be gained due to the difference in odds making bets on the opposite outcomes of the event.

The main problem is in finding a corridor and making bets on the proposed odds. Specialist websites offer their services of searching the corridors. Such services are convenient as they help to find bookmakers to make a bet with and to calculate the proposed return of the better.

These strategies of tennis betting allow to gain a good return and to decrease risks of losses. At the same time we suggest to calculate the sum of a bet correctly not to lose the entire bankroll in case of a loss.

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