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Purchasing predictions: how to avoid fraud

Purchasing predictions: how to avoid fraud

Presently there is a great number of tempting offers for the betting beginners. Special Internet websites, experts’ advice on YouTube and pages in social networks, all of them offer paid forecasts to gain a good return. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them is fraud and fake. In this article we provide you with some hints of how to avoid fraud.

Fraud evidence

Swindlers offer to increase the bankroll by several times in a short period of time. The main reason for it is to attract maximal attention to advertisement. It goes without saying that every better wants to earn as much money as possible and as soon as possible. Note, however, that such offers have nothing in common with the real state of things and are pure fraud.

Besides, it is important to check the seller before buying a paid forecast. For example, in case a page in the social network has been opened recently and contains minimal information, it is a clear signal of alert.

How to buy a realistic prediction

Certainly, not each of the offers to buy a forecast is a fraud. There is a number of experts who can analyze sport events and generate realistic forecasts. Such skills enables them to win and gain a good return although it is not a matter of huge profit earned in a short while.

Some of these experts publish paid predictions free of charge on specialist websites, others sell them but in both cases no one promises gaining a huge profit. In case of purchasing of such forecasts an expert reveals their statistics with both positive and negative results which is a characteristic feature of a ‘field officer’. It is impossible not to lose in betting; a long run winning is what matters.

As a rule, honest forecasts do not bring a significant return. A monthly subscription cost rarely exceeds $ 200. Such experts are interested in their subscribers’ winning as they earn money in that manner. No one will prolong a subscription if it does not bring any fruit.

Paid predictions to increase profit in betting and there is nothing wrong in experts’ desire to earn money using their brain. It is important to be prudent while purchasing such forecasts and not to trust any obscure offer. Practically all the ‘experts’ promising practically 100% correctness of their forecasts and doubling or tripling the bankroll fairly soon are swindlers.

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