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Strategy with a minimal risk

Strategy with a minimal risk

Each experienced punter who is eager to earn steadily tries to use strategies with a minimal risk. These schemes allow to gain a stable return in a long run. There are several options of these strategies. Each player chooses the scheme they believe to be the most understandable, profitable and interesting. The description of the most popular algorithms of betting with a minimal risk of losses is provided below.

Compression as a simple strategy for beginners

The strategy should be used for betting on events with odds of 2 and higher. The better makes the first bet. If the bet loses, the next one will be made on another event and so on. At the same time, the sum of each next bet is twice as much compared to the previous one. The wagers sequence lasts until the first win. In that manner one winning bet returns all the losses.

That strategy of betting with a minimal risk is extremely popular with the beginners as it is simple for understanding and rather efficient. Those who decided to earn in that manner should consider some minor details including:

  • High importance of choosing the sum of a wager so that the entire bankroll should not be lost after several losses.
  • Existence of a minor risk of losing. One should be ready to lose.

In general, the compressing strategy allows to enlarge the bankroll significantly and to earn money in a long run.

Safe middle betting

Middle betting is the only strategy which could be called safe. The middle or arbitrary situation is the situation when bets are made on all possible outcomes of the event. At the same time the wager coefficients are so that the better gains a return in any of the outcomes. Wagers on different outcomes are made in different offices. One should carefully study the offering coefficients to gain a return in the middle betting.

Although the middle betting implies winning in any outcome of a match, there is a risk even in that case. To begin with, many offices set limitations on paying in case of these betting. Then, such bets are often cancelled as they become possible due to mistakes in line.

The problem of the strategy with a minimal risk is in finding the middle and to make a bet on time. There are specialist online services to find the middle and to calculate the proposed better’s return.

Safe bets on favorites

Many betters prefer to make a wager on favorites believing that this is the right way to win. However, there are a few things to consider:

  • It is recommended to make a bet to the event with coefficient 1.5 and lower which means high likelihood of the selected outcome.
  • The opposite outcome should have a coefficient at least twice as high as the betted one.

In case of meeting both requirements, one should make a wager and be certain in winning. However, it is not recommended to bet a large sum of money in that situation as although that strategy is a strategy with a minimal risk one still can lose the bet.

Calculation of a wager sum

Apart from choosing the strategy of betting with a minimal risk one should manage their finance properly to gain a stable return. One of the following rules should be observed to select the optimal amount of a wager:

  • The beginning betters frequently choose a fixed amount of a wager. Its sum should not exceed 10% of the bankroll and the optimal sum is considered as 1.5%-2%.
  • The more experienced betters determine a bet in percentage. In that case its volume will be vary depending on the total sum of the bankroll.
  • The third option foresees calculation of the bet sum depending on the desired return. To calculate an optimal bet the sum of the desired return should be divided into the offered by a bookmaker coefficient. However, the risk of complete losing of the bankroll should be completely excluded in that case.

Proper financial management as well as the strategy with a minimal risk selection provides with a good chance to earn money on betting.

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