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Types of sport bets and types of soccer bets in particular

Types of sport bets and types of soccer bets in particular

Bets in bookmaker’s offices differ not only by the value of coefficients. Each office offers different types of sport bets. Selection of the type depends on a better’s personal preferences and their experience. Some people prefer simple and ordinary bets; others pick more complicated and risky ones which, however, can make them much more profit.

In this article we will analyze the most popular types of bets offered by betting offices.

Ordinary bets or single wagers

An ordinary bet is the simplest and the most popular type of bets. The principle behind them is clear for both professional betters and novices. That type of bet suggests selecting one of possible outcomes of a sport event. Basically it is one of the team’s win. In case the wager won it would return the sum equal to the bet multiplied by the coefficient for the outcome. That type of the wager is used regardless of the type of sport bets. In fact, it is used in any type of sport.

Betting handicaps

Such wagers are used when one of a sport event competitors is a clear favorite. If that is the case, ordinary bets are not attractive as the coefficient to the leader’s victory is not going to be significant. Hence, handicaps as an advantage for a weaker part were introduced to make such events more attractive. They can be determined as goals, minutes, points, etc. depending on the kind of sport. A handicap is added to the final outcome of a match and is considered while determining the result of the bet. The handicap can be expressed as a whole number (1,2,3, etc.) or a fractional number (0.5; 1.5; 2.5 …).

Total bets

Total in bets means the total result of a match, for instance the total number of goals scored in a football or an ice hockey match, points gained, etc. That type of wager is mainly used in football. A better needs to figure out the total number of goals scored by both teams during the match. In some offices, the extra time is considered while in others it is not. Nevertheless, it should be taken into consideration before making a bet.

Also, there are different types of these wagers for instance, total over bet. The bet wins only if the number of scored goals exceeds that of the proposed by the better. The total can be expressed as a whole or a fractional number. However, in the first case sometimes a bet can be returned to the player, whereas it is impossible in the second case.

Half/match bets

In that case a wager is made on not only the outcome of the event but on the score of first half as well. The bet of that type wins only when both forecasts come true. Although higher coefficients are typical for that type of wager, a risk of losing is rather high.

Express bets

That type of wager is interesting for the betters who want to gain very good return. Multiple bet is an accumulator bet on several events which are not connected with each other. For instance, it can be a bet on results in different leagues and kinds of sport.

To succeed in that bet one needs to have all their bets won. If that is the case, the aggregate coefficient is determined by multiplication of all the coefficients constituting the multiple bet. Hence, the better can gain a very good return although the risk of loss remains high as well.

System or accumulator bets

System bets include several multiple bets where each of them has its own value. For instance, a 3х5 system bet includes 5 multiple bets and wins in case 3 of them passed.

Besides, there is a great number of other types of bets. However, many of them are available only to professional punters as they require having special knowledge, skills and experience.

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