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Bets on exact score

Bets on exact score

Bets on exact score are mainly made in football. In that case the better should predict the final result of the match. Low chances of the match outcome prediction is the specifics of these bets. Although the betters should basically rely on their luck there are some rules which could help to win.

Bets on exact score specifics

Such kind of wagers mainly attracts the betters with high odds. Basically, the odds are 5 and above for bets on exact score. However, in some cases they can be 100 and higher when the bet is made on the outsider’s winning with a great goal difference. In some situations betters won a fortune correctly predicting the final score.

It goes without saying, that the majority of the betters would say that it is impossible to predict the final score and you will have to rely on the luck only. Nevertheless, we would recommend to study statistical data before making a bet as the most popular strategies used for that types of bets are based on it.

In football, for example, the score of 0-0, 1-0, 1-1, 2-1 or 2-0 are recorded in 50% of matches. On the other hand, the score of 1-0 and 1-1 is recorded in 10% of games. That statistical data has been received as a result of a great number of matches analysis and is trustworthy.

We would recommend to use of the strategies described below to gain a good return.

Plus/minus one strategy

The strategy implies choosing four events. The better should predict the final score for each match and then make a template with four different results. The better shall add one and then deduct one for each number. For instance, for predicted score 3-2 the template will contain the following results: 4-2, 3-3, 2-2, and 3-1. That template is made for the outcome of each chosen match.

After that the better chooses a scheme which includes multiple bets containing all possible received scores. The scheme will contain ordinary and multiple bets on all possible outcomes of the match received before.

An equal sum of money should be bet on each of the outcomes. The better gains a return when they predicted at least two results correctly. The better should choose championships with low goal average. If that is the case, the basic score should be 0-0 or 0-1.

The main problem of using that algorithm is in finding a betting office with the line including all the scores predicted by the better. However, in general the strategy is simple for understanding and does not require special knowledge.

Double strategy

The exact score double strategy is also based on statistical data. According to the statistics 1-0 is the score in about 12% of matches and the hosts win in about 50% of cases. Based on that data we can calculate that the hosts win about 25% of with 1-0 score.

If the better made 2*10 wagers on 1-0 score in ten matches, even two correct predictions would allow to gain a return. That scheme is also characterized with low risk.

Although luck is still very important in exact score betting, they still provide the better with a good chance to win. The better needs to follow the chosen strategy and to choose sport events for making a wager correctly.

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