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The betting middle: searching for arbitrary solutions

The betting middle: searching for arbitrary solutions

Betting middle is the case when the better makes a wager on the opposite situations and finally wins. Experienced betters actively use that strategy to earn money.

What is betting middle and how it occurs

Betting middle or an arbitrary situation is the case when the difference in odds set by different offices enables the better to make a wager on mutually exclusive outcomes of the same event and to win. There are several reasons for that situation occurrence including:

  • Competition between bookmakers forcing them to increase the odds.
  • A mistake made by the analysts resulting in the competitor’s wrong calculation.
  • A delay in the bookmakers’ reaction to the change in the situation.

Formulas to calculate betting middle

The following formula should be used to calculate whether there is an arbitrary situation between two offices:

В = 1/K1 + 1/K2, where

К1 and К2 – odds for mutually exclusive events offered by the different bookmakers. In case there are more than two outcomes all the odds should be used in the formula.

В is the value showing whether the arbitrary situation occurred. If the value of B exceeds one it means that the situation does not occur and visa-versa.

The sum of the bet is also calculated using the following formula:

P = (1/K/B)*C,

where Р is the required sum;

К is the odds of the event;

В is the value received as a result of calculation using the previous formula;

С is the total value of the bankroll.

Example of using the middle

Suppose, there is going to be a match between two teams. The first office sets the odds as follows:

  • L1 – 1.5;
  • L2 - 3.0.

Office 2 sets the following odds:

  • L1 – 1.7;
  • L2 – 2.4.

To identify whether it is going to be the middle case we will add the odds to the formula mentioned above.

  1. В=1/1.5+1/2.4=1.08 which means the absence of the middle.
  2. В=⅓+1/1.7=0.92 as the value is less than one it means that the arbitrary situation has occurred.

In that manner to gain a profit regardless the outcome of the match the better should make a wager on L2 in the first office and on L1 in the second one.

Afterwards, the better shall calculate the required sum of the bet for each of the outcome. To do that we shall add the value of the bankroll ($ 100) to the second formula:

  1. P=(1/3/0.92)*100=$ 36 is the sum of the bet on L2 in the first office;
  2. Р=(1/1.7/0.92)*100=$64 36 is the sum of the bet on L1 in the second office.

Therefore, the better makes a $ 100 wager and the profit will be equal to:

  • In case of the first team winning: 36*3-100=$8
  • In case of the second team winning: 64*1.7-100=$8.8.

In that manner, the better gains a profit in either case regardless the outcome of the match.

Advantages and disadvantages

The middle betting strategy has one clear advantage compared to the rest of the strategies. It can be called a win-win as the better gains a return in either case. However, the better can also face the following problems while using the strategy:

  • The strategy implies gaining a moderate profit and to increase it significantly the better should increase the sum of the initial bet as well.
  • Search for the arbitrary situations and making the required calculations takes a great deal of time.
  • Bookmakers tend to change ods. Hence, the better having made a wager in one office could not be able to do that in the other one.
  • The bookmaker’s attitude to the middle betters is rather negative therefore, they can return money even without explanation of the reason for it.

How to find middles

The main problem of those who have chosen that strategy is in search for the right situation. There is an enormous amount of sport events in the world and it is hardly possible to make calculations for each of them.

Professional betters use specialist middle search online services. These websites monitor all sport events and use the calculator of middle betting to identify the arbitrary situations and to calculate the sum of the bet.

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