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Methods of reducing a risk of losing

Methods of reducing a risk of losing

Betting is always connected with a risk and there are some methods to decrease it. As a rule, the beginners are not aware of them and only professional betters use such methods.

Mistakes made by the beginners

The beginners face a high level of risk while trying to earn a good return. Here is the list of their typical mistakes:

  • Large sum of bets. The betters often put a great sum of money to gain a high profit. However, that risk is often unjustified and leads to a bankruptcy. The better should choose a proper financial strategy and to identify the sum of a safe bet.
  • Long-term multiple betting. Multiple betting is rather attractive with its high odds. However, a risk of losing is also very high and therefore, it is recommended to make a multiple bet on a limited number of events.
  • Wrong selection of the betting event. Many betters select an event based on the bookmaker’s odds only. That tactics is not 100% correct as the odds can be wrong. To become a successful better one should learn to analyze sport events and to identify the likelihood of outcomes themselves.
  • Search for payable predictions in the Internet. We do not recommend to trust that kind of information as in the majority of cases the predictions are wrong.

Methods of risks reducing

Below are some basic rules to reduce the likelihood of losing. Professional betters actively use them to choose events and types of bet.

  1. The better should avoid choosing out of three and more events. In other words it is better to bet one out of two possible events. For instance, if there are three outcomes for the same football match including winning of the first team, a draw and winning of the second team, we do not recommend to make an ordinary bet. In that case the likelihood of winning will be higher if to make a bet on two outcomes: winning of the first team or a draw, winning of the second team or a draw against the draw.
  2. The bet on both teams’ scoring is highly likely to win. However, it is important to choose the right match to make that bet. It is not recommended to bet on the match between the teams which tend to use a defensive tactical formation. Events with odds of 1.5-1.8 are most likely to be the winning ones.
  3. The bets with an opportunity of a return, like whole number totals are the wagers with a lowest degree of risk. For instance, the better makes a total over 2 wager. If that is the case, the better wins when the teams score more than 2 goals and visa-versa. If the number of goals is two the better gains a return of the wager (the odds are calculated as equal to one).
  4. We recommend to bet on the outsider in case of a handicap wager. The odds are higher and the likelihood of winning is greater with the handicap.
  5. The bet on a goal scoring in the second half is rather popular with the betters. According to the statistics the likelihood of that event is 75%. Although the bets on that event are not high, the likelihood of losing is minimal as well.

It goes without saying that it is important to observe some rules to reduce a risk. However, the better should always remember that analytical skills, professional experience and the ability to use them in betting are the most important components of success. Besides, many professional betters develop their own schemes which are rather successful and profitable.

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