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TOP-10 films for the betters

TOP-10 films for the betters

The list includes the top must see films for the betters. They help to understand that kind of activity better as well as to learn some interesting facts.

Seabiscuit (2003)

The movie is about America of the 30s when many people tried to bet on horse races to earn some money. This time an unusual horse which seemed to have failed to reach a success appeared on a race track. However, the entire country was closely watching Seabiscuit’s miraculous reaching the top of the standing.

Luck (2011-2012)

The series is about the world of horse race betting. All those involved in that kind of sport as well as its inside are shown in the serial. The drama fits professional betters as it is rich in terminology and widely covers the specifics which can be hard to understand for those who do not deal with betting.

Even Money (2006)

The drama plot covers the story of several people who are not familiar to each other but are connected with the passion of gambling. That dangerous hobby breaks their lives but they are not able to stop.

The Sting (1973)

The movie was moved to 10 Oscar nominations and won seven of them. The plot is about two swindlers who decided to take vengeance on the mafia boss for the death of their friend. The boss is fond of gambling and the two friends decided to act accordingly bluffing themselves as the owners of a large betting office.

Life on the line (2013)

It is a documentary film about betting offices. The shooting took place in backrooms of the leading betting offices of Las Vegas. A detailed description of their activity along with a story of several top betters make it rather interesting to watch.

The Runner (1999)

The plot is about the fond of gambling guy who was trying to pay his numerous debts with the help of his hobby. He was hired by a gangster and made bets for him. He worked until large wins drove him mad.

Hardball (2001)

That is a story of better who had made a lot of debts and decided to quit his gambling career and to become a baseball coach. He headed the troubled youth team and gradually became heir best friend as well.

Moneyball (2011).

The plot is based on a baseball manager’s real life facts. Although there is nothing about betting and bookmakers as the film is about the life of a sport team, there is something about expert evaluation of sport events which can be both interesting and useful for the betters.

Bookies (2003)

The plot is about two betters who decided to open their own office. However, when the business became rather profitable some criminals who wanted to take away the business paid their attention to them.

Two For The Money (2005)

The plot is about an athlete who had to look for new ways of earning money after being injured. An itch for money pushed him to sign a risky contract with a bookmaker.

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