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d'Alembert and counter d'Alembert betting systems

d'Alembert and counter d'Alembert betting systems

d'Alembert and counter-d'Alembert betting systems are extremely popular among the sport betters. The schemes were developed exclusively for making wagers through betting offices. Their usage allows to reduce the risk of financial losses to minimum.

d'Alembert betting system basics

The better bankroll is divided into some units. The sum of money constituting a unit can vary depending of the bankroll volume. Ideally, the bankroll should contain at least a hundred units.

The better makes a wager on an event in the amount of one unit. If the bet does not win one more unit is added to the next wager. If the bet wins one unit is deducted from the sum of the next wager.

The scheme is basically used to make a bet on events with odds of 3-4.

Counter-d'Alembert betting system basics

Based on the title it is clear that counter-d'Alembert (or anti-d'Alembert) strategy is opposite the previous scheme. In case of the previous bet losing the next wager size becomes one unit less and visa-versa.

Using of that strategy allows to increase the sum of the bankroll and not to lose it in case of consecutive losses.

Like the previous scheme, the algorithm fits betting on events with high odds. Hence, events with odsd of 2 or higher should be chosen in that case.

Advantages and disadvantages of d'Alembert and counter d'Alembert betting systems

Usage of the strategies allows to increase the better’s bankroll significantly. Even if a half of the bets wins, in general it is enough to gain a return. As the bet is increased in arithmetical rather than geometrical progression, the better can stand rather a long series of losses and not to lose the entire bankroll. These schemes allow to secure the better’s assets and not to lose the entire bankroll after a long series of losses.

The schemes list of disadvantages include a chance of losing the entire bankroll (although it is less than in other strategies, but still exists). Besides, several bookmakers restrict the maximal sum of that bet and therefore, the scheme will not always work. Another stumbling block is connected with search of the corresponding events as these algorithms fits only the ones with high odds that sometimes is hard to find.

Finally, we should say that these schemes fit mainly experienced betters rather than the beginners. Although usage of these financial strategies reduces a risk if losses, special attention should be paid to selection of events to bet on. You should analyze the likelihood of the event outcome and consider the players’ abilities and skills before making that bet. Besides, it is important to choose the size of the initial bet. As we said before, the recommend size should be 1% of the bankroll. Too high bets may result in losing all the better’s money in case of a long series of losing wagers.

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