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Compression betting strategy: advantages, disadvantages and examples of usage

Compression betting strategy: advantages, disadvantages and examples of usage

Compression in betting is a financial scheme where the size of the bet increases after every losing. Wagers are made so that the better could not only compensate all the losses but gain the planned profit in case of winning. The scheme can be used in betting on different kinds of sport.

Compression betting strategy basics

Compression betting strategy is based on the algorithm of increasing the bet after each losing. Hence, one winning bet can cover all the previous losses.

It is important to identify the initial sum of the bet which should allow the better not to lose the entire bankroll after a long series of losses. Each next sum should be calculated depending on the planned profit and the odds using the following formula:

S= (X+Y)/(K-1), where S is the required size of the bet; X is the sum of potential winning based on the initial bet; Y is the total sum of all the previous losses; and K is the bookmaker’s odds.

Events with odds of about 2 should be chosen to use that scheme.

Example of usage the betting strategy

For instance, the better made a $ 100 wager on event with odds of 2 and lost. In that manner the losses were equal to $ 100 (Y). The amount of the profit in case of the first bet winning (Х) would be the same.

The next bet would be made on the event with odds of 1.9 (K). By using the formula mentioned above we can calculate the size of the second bet:

S=(100+100)/(1.9-1)= $222.2.

It means that the next bet should be at least $ 223 to compensate the previous loss and to gain a profit. If the second wager won, the better would receive 223*1,9-223=$ 200.7. Hence, the better can gain the planned profit of $ 100 and compensate the loss of $ 100.

Advantages and disadvantages of compression betting strategy

Usage of the strategy provides the better with the following advantages:

  • Compression betting strategy enables to gain profit even in case of a great number of losses. One winning bet is enough to do that.
  • The scheme is simple for understanding and therefore is good for the beginners.
  • The strategy can be used for different kinds of sport and types of bets.
  • It is possible to enlarge the bankroll rather fast in case of correct selection of events.
  • The better knows the exact size of the next bet.

The list of the scheme disadvantages includes:

  • Long series of losing may result in losing the entire bankroll.
  • The more sequent wagers the better loses, the larger sum is at risk.
  • The necessity to risk large sums to gain insignificant profit frequently results in a beginner’s panic. Hence, the strategy can be difficult form the psychological point of view.
  • It is impossible to make two wagers at the same time as the sum of each next bet depends on the outcome of the previous event.

Compression betting strategy: when to use

Compression betting strategy can be used in different kinds of sport. The majority of the betters prefer to make total bets. It is recommended to choose the events with odds of about two although in some cases such bets with a higher odds can win as well. To do that the better should be able to analyze events and to make a correct prediction.

Compression betting strategy is rather popular with both beginning and professional betters. Its proper usage enables to significantly enlarge the bankroll in a short period of time. However, the better should not forget that the risk of losing money still exists. It is important to follow the chosen scheme no matter what the situation is.

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