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Soccer live bet predictions

Soccer live bet predictions

There are different live football prediction strategies. Many of them are characterized with high likelihood of winning although the better should be skillful to some extent to do that. You need to choose the event and the time correctly to make a winning wager.

Live bets specifics

Strategies of making live bets in football require a great deal of the better’s time and efforts as they shall carefully monitor the match course, evaluate the opponents’ strength and predict the development of the event.

There are two types of models of live betters’ behavior:

  • Defensive. In that case the better prefers to make a wager on the non-occurrence of the event (no goal scoring, no total exceeding, etc.)
  • Aggressive. That model implies making bets on changing the situation during the match course.

Live bets specifics implies the bookmaker’s changing bets depending on the situation during the match. That allows gaining a greater return compare to the pre-match wagers. To do that you need to choose the right moment to make a bet on the event.

There are several different football live betting strategies. We will describe the most popular ones below.

Bet on the poorly beginning favorite

In that situation a bet is made in case of the team’s conceding a goal at the beginning of the match. If that happens, the bookmaker increases the odds on the team’s winning as its likelihood decreases. However, in many cases the favorite team manage to equalize or even to win the match.

That bet should be made only when you are confident in winning of the chosen team. To do that you need to analyze the match course, the rest of the match time, the players’ performance and other factors you can evaluate while watching the match.

Bets on goals at the end of the match

Such strategy of making live bets in football can be used when both teams need to win the match as late goals are rather typical for these games. At the same time the less time is left until the end of the match, the higher odds the bookmaker sets in that situation.

In that case you need watch the match carefully as the situation when both teams are satisfied with the current score and neither of them are eager to risk is also possible. That situation is typical for the final matchday and for the game between the teams secured their places close to the bottom of the standing.

Using the middle occurred during the match

It is not a matter of a classical bookmaker’s middle. The better creates that middle themselves. The strategy basics includes the following:

  • The better makes a pre-match wager on a draw in the first half. These bets odds are rather high.
  • The second live bet is made on a goal scored in the first half 5-10 minutes after the beginning of the first half. As a rule at that time the bet odds increase so high that it results in the middle.

Therefore, there are three different options of the outcome:

  • A goalless draw after the first half. The pre-match bet wins in that case.
  • Either team are in the lead after the first half and the goal is scored after making the second bet. The better’s live wager wins in that case.
  • A goal was scored after the live bet was made but the first half finished with the draw. In that case both bets win.

Therefore, the better gains a return in either case.

Bet on 12 strategy

That scheme is similar to the previous one. In that case the better makes a pre-match wager against the draw and once a goal is scored when the draw odds significantly increase, the better makes a live bet on the draw. In that manner either of the bets wins.

Selection of the live football betting strategy depends on the match and the better’s individual preferences.

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