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Tennis live betting strategies

Live tennis betting strategies

Tennis, like football, is rather popular with betting office customers. There is a great number of types of bets for that kind of sport. Live tennis betting strategies allow to make a wager during the match and gain a return. The most typical schemes are described below.

Serving multiple bet strategy

That live tennis betting strategy implies making a bet on the different matches of favorites’ games and assembling them to a multiple bet. As a rule, the favorite tennis player wins a game on their own service and the likelihood of winning betting on that multiple bet is rather high.

However, as the likelihood of losing also exists the betters frequently use the compression scheme in addition to that strategy. It means that in case of a negative result the better makes one more wager twice as much as the previous one and so on. As a rule, the negative result cannot survive longer than four levels. Therefore, one winning bet can compensate all the losses.

Middle and compression

Middle and compression strategy can be used both in combination with other schemes and separately. In case of the compression scheme each following losing bet is twice as much than the previous one. In that situation it is important to choose the bet size carefully not to lose the entire bankroll in case of the sequence of losses. The betters frequently set the initial wager as 2% of the bankroll or lower.

Middle is one of the most popular live tennis betting strategies. In that case the better makes wagers on the opposite events in different offices. At the same time it is necessary to choose the bet sum of the odds so that the better should gain a return in any case. Therefore, the better can make both wagers live or one of them can be a pre-match one and the other one is made during the game.

Bet on the losing favorite

That scheme is used when one of the players is a clear favorite. If the player makes a mistake at the beginning of the match the odds on the winning significantly increase. However, in the majority of cases the favorite wins the match. Hence, that live strategy in tennis allows to gain a higher return compared to the pre-match wager.

Total below of the second set strategy

That type of live tennis betting strategies is extremely popular and has several modifications. The scheme is based mainly on statistics. The analysts believe that in the majority of matches the second set finishes with the number of games equal or less than total of the first set.

The scheme is basically used as follows: if the number of games in the first set exceeds 10.5, the likelihood of less number of games in the second set is rather high.

The better should observe the following rules to implement that strategy:

  • The majority of players use that algorithm only for singles although some of them use it for doubles as well.
  • A wager is made at the end of the first set in case the number of games exceeds 10.5.
  • Analyze the match course and the players’ performance before making a bet.

That scheme has high likelihood of winning.

In general, you need to analyze the players’ performance, the bookmaker’s odds and the game course before making a live bet.

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