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Wales VS Slovakia SPIEL PROGNOSE 24.03.2019 15:00, European Ch.ship QF

1:0 Niederlage
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The second matchday of the Euro 2020 qualifying stage will open up with some Sunday games. In one of them Wales host Slovakia at their Cardiff City Stadium. Will the home side win its opener?


This week Wales met Trinidad & Tobago at their Racecourse Ground in Wrexham and took a narrow 1:0 victory over the guests from the far islands. The hosts’ forward Benjamin Woodburn has scored in the stoppage time.

As they know, Wales national football team was one of the best within the French Euro 2016 and missed the next Russian World Cup. The Welsh finished on the third place in the group D after the winner Serbia and second-ranked the Republic of Ireland. The Dragons earned 17 points and had the following statistics: four wins, five draws and a single loss. They have scored 13 goals and conceded six goals.

In Autumn Ryan Giggs’ team took part in the UEFA Nations League. They possessed the second place in the trio 4 of the Division B. They had two wins and the same number of losses.

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Slovakia missed the World Cup in Russia too. The Fighting Jondas finished on the second place in the group F. They earned 18 points as well as Scotland and did not get the promotion to the play-off stage as the worst among all second teams.

The Slovakians competed in the Nations League’s trio 1 and were the worst there. They had just three points after four matches.

This week Pavel Hapal’s men began their qualifying campaign with a win over Hungary 2:0. Ondrej Duda  and Albert Rusnak have scored before and after the break, respectively. The guests lead the quintet E with three points.


Rested from Wales’ last friendly, all-time top goal scorer Gareth Bale still is looking for his game and his unstable form is a key factor for this game. Generally,we expect the equal game and recommend betting on "Away or draw" with a wonderful coefficient of 1.8

The odds are valid at the moment of the prediction publication.


  • Wales Letzte Spiele Gewinn:3 Niederlage:4
    • Wales - Trinidad & Tobago 1 : 0
    • Albania - Wales 1 : 0
    • Wales - Denmark 1 : 2
    • Ireland - Wales 0 : 1
    • Wales - Spain 1 : 4
    • Denmark - Wales 2 : 0
    • Wales - Ireland 4 : 1
  • Slovakia Letzte Spiele Gewinn:2 Niederlage:4 Unentschieden:1
    • Czech Rep. - Slovakia 1 : 0
    • Slovakia - Ukraine 4 : 1
    • Sweden - Slovakia 1 : 1
    • Slovakia - Czech Rep. 1 : 2
    • Ukraine - Slovakia 1 : 0
    • Slovakia - Denmark 3 : 0
    • Slovakia - Morocco 1 : 2

Letzte Treffen:

06.11.2016 Wales 2 : 1 Slovakia
09.12.2007 Slovakia 2 : 5 Wales
10.07.2006 Wales 1 : 5 Slovakia
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