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Bodo/Glimt VS Fredrikstad SPIEL PROGNOSE

16.08.2017 19:00, 1st Division
4:0 Sieg
1x2 - S1 Quote 1.33

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Fredrikstad takes the 14th position with 14 points in the Relegation Play-off zone. Fredrikstad plays worse away than any other team of the championship. The team lost in 7 of 8 away matches. The guests play much weaker away than at home. Only 22 % of points were scored away.

Bodo/Glimt takes the 1st position with 42 points. The team has 5 victories, 2 draws and 1 defeat in recent matches. The team scored 23 goals in them and conceded only 11. The team plays at home better than all the other teams of the championship. 60% of points were scored at home.

Teams have met once for 3 years and Bodo/Glimt won.

The hosts will win.

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