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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What guarantees do you provide for Premium predictions?

1. We don’t deal with bookmakers. That is why we care about the quality of predictions provided.
2. We constantly work on the accuracy of predictions basing on the 9-year experience as well as the technologies.
3. In our team there are professional sports analysts, many of them worked for bookmakers and know the gambling specifics very well.
4. Our activity is fully transparent as we have hundreds of reviews, screenshots and comments available at free access.
5. Each screenshot of a result is reliable and can be confirmed by any bookmaker. Just give them a call if doubting.
6. We have the telegram channel working where we publish free predictions, hints and special offers so that you could stay tuned and receive the best offers in time.
7. Betfaq has been certified by European payment systems to be able to provide bank card payment methods. The HTTPS protocol makes your sensitive data fully secure and confidential.
8. We offer the 24/7 support that will help with any issues during logging in, payment or receiving predictions.
Send us an email or write your message on Telegram.

Q: How long has your company been working?

Betfaq analytic agency celebrated its 9th birthday this year. During that time we’ve done a huge job to improve the quality and make our predictions more convenient and affordable to our customers than ever.

Q: What makes your predictions valuable?

Premium predictions are made by professional sports analytic team. They choose only the games with highest odds and guaranteed profit. Thus, you don’t need to analyze matches as our experts have done that job for you!
To learn more about how are predictions being prepared read this article.

Q: Why are your Premium predictions so expensive?

Premium predictions include the deepest possible analysis that shows both high odds and chances to win. By purchasing Premium predictions you receive the first-class consulting that is really worth it as it lets you earn real money at lower risks.

Q: What should I pay attention to when choosing a prediction?

Keep in mind that 100% guarantees are given by scammers only as it is a sport and no one can absolutely predict the outcome of games. In our analytic center, we engage cappers who have been working for bookmakers, sports observers, analysts, and programmers. Their results show a winning probability of up to 80% which is a great indicator with such high odds (1.8 - 2.3).

Q: Who prepares free predictions?

Free predictions are prepared by aspiring analysts and do not reflect the opinions of our top-rated professional experts. You are free to use them to support your own opinion and get some game details. Though we recommend using Premium predictions to bet at the bookies.

Q: What if I cannot find a prediction for a specific match?

There are several reasons why you couldn't find a prediction for the match you’re interested in:
- This match hasn’t been considered by our experts yet and it may be added later
- This match is not reliable and we don’t recommend to bet on it

Q: What’s the pass probability of free predictions?

The average odds of free predictions vary from 1.4 to 1.6, the pass probability is up to 60%.

Q: What is a Premium prediction?

Premium predictions are made by professional analytics team. They choose only the games with the odds of 1.8 - 2.2 and the highest pass probability reaching 80%. To learn more about how premium predictions are prepared visit this page

Q: How do I pay for a Premium prediction?

To apply for a Premium prediction you need to follow this link, click “Pay Now” and specify a preferable method of payment. You will receive a prediction on your email as soon as the payment is completed. Also, you can get it via online chat on our website or via Telegram.

Q: I have won using your prediction! Can I get any discount on my next purchase?

Sure you can! We are giving a 20% OFF your following prediction in return to each screenshot of earnings you share with us!

Q: What is the pack of 5 Premium predictions?

The pack of 5 Premium prediction is 5 high-quality predictions prepared by our experts.
The main advantage of this pack is your benefit. Usually the 1 Premium prediction costs $49 while the pack of 5 makes each one cost just $28. Other things being equal you save more than $100!

Q: I have purchased the pack of 5 Premium predictions, how am I supposed to receive them?

You can choose one of the available ways that will be more convenient for you:
1. Receive 1 prediction a day
2. Get predictions on demand the days you want it
By default we send 1 prediction a day so if you’d like the other way, let us know.

Q: What is 1 Month Premium?

You will get about 25 Premium predictions for a period of 30 days. This is the most beneficial package available at Betfaq.

Q: Where can I look up the examples of free and paid analytics?

You can check out the example of free prediction at this page. The example of Premium prediction is available here

Still haven’t found the answer to your question?
Write us at [premium@betfaq.com]

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