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Free Scotland Premiership Predictions

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The Scotland premiership is currently experiencing not the brightest period in its history, nevertheless it still remains a rather attractive competition. Glasgow Rangers and Celtic are the absolute favorites here who consistently beat other teams. The last four seasons, the fans were deprived of the opportunity to watch their confrontation in the Premiership, because the Rangers were exiled to the lower leagues due to financial problems. But, fortunately, this season they have coped with all the problems and are ready to surprise football lovers.

For a short period of Scotland premiership existence, 19 clubs managed to play in it, but only two teams mentioned above have always gained a victory in the tournament. Therefore, at first glance, all the bets should be out on these two teams, but in order to avoid gross errors, we advise you to read the Scotland premiership predictions of our experts.

When are your Scotland Premiership bets posted?

The Scottish Premier League is a rather unpredictable tournament. Those who are unfamiliar with the situation and the general football strategy of teams, can easily make a lot of mistakes and lose money. But with the help of betfaq.com you protect yourself from such mistakes, and you can also make the most suitable bet for the match with acceptable odds. Before publishing the forecasts, we analyze a lot of information, including statistics, teams' playing style, accumulating all this into a logical bet from a reliable bookmaker.

We post all our Scotland premiership tips and predictions 48-72 hours before matches start. Such a tactic gives the tipsters time to analyze the information and make the right choice. You should know that all our tips and advices are 100% free and you don’t need to waste your time or money to choose the right bet.

Football is the most popular sport. That’s why Scotland premiership betting predictions are accepted all over the world. However, before you make bets on football matches, you need to properly understand it. Before making any tips, our experts pay attention to the following factors:

  • Team motivation;
  • Match type (UEFA Cup, European Cup, regular championship match, etc);
  • Current teams shape;
  • Statistics of personal meetings;
  • Club playing style;
  • Injuries and disqualifications.

Each of these points is very important. Only together they allow you to get a full picture of the future confrontation. High motivation in football makes even weak teams play perfectly in the fights with top-clubs, and you shouldn’t forget about it.

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