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We have been in a market for more than 9 years

Experience and professionalism is the main thing for profit. Our website is 9 years old too. You can check this information!

Only professional analysts

The team of professional analysts works every day, with 2 analysts on each sport. These are the winners of predictors contests on the internet.

We have more than 3000 reviews on our website

We are open for everybody. Read last predictions, reviews and you will see it if you still have some doubts.

Support 24 hours, 7 days a week

The Betfaq team employs more than 22 people and everyone is ready to help you! Managers, consultants, predictors, analysts, programmers, etc.

Secure payments

We are verified in international payment system and we accept bank cards! All payments are made according to secured protocol HTTPS.

We don't work for bookies!

The most important thing is that we don't work with bookmakers and this is our main guarantee! Many bookmakers work for us, giving you qualitative predictions! We bet on our predictions and earn with you.

Mobile Version and official Application

We have a mobile version of the site, which once again speaks about the reliability of our site, the functionality of which was done not 1 month.

We have Telegram channel!

We have a channel in Telegram, where we send free predictions. Subscribe to our channel Telegram and get information every day!


Where did I go or where I am?

You are on the site Betfaq.com. Every day the site publishes dozens of free predictions for 4 sports: Football, Basketball, Hockey and Tennis. Analysts from all over the world give their thoughts to each match and argue their choice.

Can I place bet on my favorite team?

No. Betfaq is the consulting service, making sport predictions according to Offer conditions. Our objective is to provide people with high-quality and reliable predictions for sports!

Is it necessary to register on the site?

Yes. Registration on the site is required. You register and get access to all free matches that are added every day.

I forgot my account password, what to do?

You can always restore your password and use our predictions! To do this, click "Forgot Password?", follow the instructions and you'll reset your password.

Why don’t you bet yourselves?

We bet and earn good money. Why don’t we employ people, who will sell? The demand is too big. If 1000 people buy every day, you can count how much money you will have a month. Why should we refuse from this sum? A million of people bet. Our profit is nothing in comparison to the one bookmakers get. Read the information about bookmakers’ profit. It is increasing every year and this tendency will go on.

What should I pay attention to when choosing a prediction?

Keep in mind that 100% guarantees are given by scammers only as it is a sport and no one can absolutely predict the outcome of games. In our analytic center, we engage cappers who have been working for bookmakers, sports observers, analysts, and programmers. Their results show a winning probability of up to 80% which is a great indicator with such high odds (1.8 - 2.3).

Who writes paid predictions?

Paid predictions are written by professional analysts. Among many thousands of people these people showed the best results and profit. These are the winners of predictors contests, who are interested in excellent results.

The comparison of free and Premium predictions

-It is no use comparing free and premium predictions, as they are written by different people. We can’t compare the work of predictors of a different level. - In every free prediction you can see that free predictions have not detailed analysis and they are made only to confirm your own opinion and they don’t guarantee a successful result in a distance! - We provide guarantees for paid predictions, there are no free guarantees. If you want to earn money with bets, you need to pay for predictions, which are made by our professional analytics!

What is a Premium prediction?

Premium predictions are made by professional analytics team. They choose only the games with the odds of 1.8 - 2.2 and the highest pass probability reaching 80%. To learn more about how premium predictions are prepared visit this page You can always check the status of predictions by chatting with our managers at the website.

How to pay premium predictions?

You need to follow the link, click Pay and specify a convenient method of payment. Follow the instructions, the purchase is complete. After the payment you get the match on the e-mail within 5-10 minutes. You can also get a prediction in online chat.

I bought a Premium prediction. Where do I find it?

The prediction will be sent to your e-mail, which you entered at registration.

What methods can I use to pay?

We have the most popular types of payment available. You can pay by card VISA or MASTERCARD, electronic money (WebMoney, Neteller and other ways).

Can I pay in another currency?

Of course, we accept any currency. You can pay by any means you have specified in the previous answer. When paying by card the currency is automatically converted and you pay in your currency. Payment by a Bank card is the most convenient way!

What are the benefits of a 5-match subscription?

We have made the package of 5 Premium predictions for our constant clients, which cost 139.9$, it is much more profitable than but a prediction for 49.9$ every day, you save 110$!

Why is the 1-month subscription most profitable?

A 1-month subscription is a product for specially privileged clients! You will get up to 35 predictions for a month. This is the best option since the month is an excellent distance for stable profit. It is very profitable and reliable if we take into account that 1 Premium prediction costs 49.9$. You save more than 1000$.

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