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Canada VS Martinique PRONOSTICO DELLA PARTITA 16.06.2019 01:30, Gold Cup

4:0 Vincente
1x2 - V1 Quota 1.35

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Do not miss the match between Canada and Martinique in International Gold Cup, Group A that is going to be held this Sunday at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.


The team has a winning percentage of 64%, which means that the players will likely be able to take advantage of the visitors. Canada have ended their last four battles with wins, and their most recent game that took place on March 24 resulted in a 4-1 victory over French Guiana. As for the home record, the team has won their last three battles held at their stadium.

 Canada have a good winning record, and it seems like their chances to win the following battle are high.


The team has won their last four battles and the most recent game of Martinique that took place on March 24 resulted in a 0-1 victory over Guadeloupe. Although the last two away matches have been won by the players over Guadeloupe and Puerto Rico, it seems like this road game will be difficult for them to succeed in.

The visitors will unlikely beat the host in this game.

Match Prediction

Considering various significant factors, the recommended bet is Canada win (1.35 odds).

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07.07.2013 Canada 0 : 1 Martinique
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