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We are often asked about how predictions are made. Though not everyone shares such information, Betfaq has no secrets from their customers and is going to shed a light on this inquiry. There is no doubt that soccer is an unpredictable game, however, we can predict outcomes with a quite high probability because of taking the most important factors into account. And here are these factors:

1. Correct statistic analysis

When doing mathematical data analysis we use the special research methodology: mass statistical observations, the grouping method, the method of averages, indices, the method of graphic images and other methods of statistical data analysis. These calculations being executed according to specific rules. We upload lots of data and analyze the processed results using computer software.

We also analyze previous matches to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each team. For example, three defeats in a row in a high-level tournament are not equal to outsiders games losses. We consider Injuries and disqualifications as the full strength win cannot be compared to a victory of a team with one player lesser. Besides the results itself we analyze the number of sharp moments, shots on target, goals with penalties, the number of accurate passes, the possession, and coach managing styles and his motivational skills.

To get the most reliable and broad information here comes the need of monitoring of many resources such as news and club websites. On top of that, our experts have an access to insiders’ information helping with predictions as well.

2. Rosters of teams

We cannot skip this aspect as it is crucial when preparing predictions. Consideration of previous games matters to follow players who missed and came back as well as those who will skip next games.

Our personal database includes absents, injuries, disqualifications and other details allowing us to make the most precise predictions regarding teams compositions beforehand. We are constantly monitoring official web pages of football clubs no regard to their location and the time zone. Sometimes we base on other analytical sources providing this kind of information.

3. Watching games

Our analytic team watches recorded matches all over again to confirm the numbers, get tactic schemes, and reveal weak points as well as players to keep an eye on. Thus, we are able to model scenarios of future matches precisely. Tactic schemes of football competitions are usually made up based on finished matches using computer software that allows drawing maps of passes and shots on target.

4. Looking into players’ condition

Both physical and emotional conditions of players are the crucial things that affect the final score. In spite of this, there are some hardy teams being able to handle more than two games a week. As fatigue exists, we should always consider how tight the schedule of games was. The coach also plays his role in such things as motivation or tenacity.

Players are also being influenced by many factors other than victories and defeats. Unlucky moments can either provoke or break them down as we’re all humans, anyways.

For better understanding we follow the latest news, watch player and coach interviews to perceive the real mood of teams after the losses and gains. Our analysts study game calendars In order to understand the importance of the next games as teams may be saving energy for other ones afterward. Knowing the atmosphere inside the teams is also a good basement for team-effectiveness prediction and we should also bear that in mind.

5. Considering other factors

Knowing different conditions such as weather or the stadium capacity can be useful. Flight delays or jet lags make it uncomfortable for players and affect their well-being. We should consider such cases when the southern teams come to the North during the European Cup. For example, for Cypriots having the average temperature of +20ºC, it is uneasy to come to Norway where it is about -10ºC.

6. Long-gained experience and knowledge

The secret of success is improving yesterdays’ results along with study and practice. That is why our experts constantly develop by watching games, interviews and other sources to always keep updated.

Thus, we have formulated the most important principles of the Betfaq analytical center. Making professional predictions is a hard work that cannot be done by the one person, hence, in our analytical department there are more than 15 professionals doing their best 24/7 for many years. You can always find the product they are proud of at the sports analytics center Betfaq.com

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